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Top Spring Break To Do List!

Posted on March 8, 2018

Top Spring Break To Do List!

Every year we all are waiting for this season. It’s spring and we are all excited about this. Although all of the seasons have their perks, spring is obviously the best! There are many things to do during this lovely season and here are some.

Hit the beach

People would definitely love going to the beaches during Spring and this tops our list! Don’t have a beach near you? Fly into Southern California, and let ShuttletoLAX pick you up and take you to a resort nearby one of our many beautiful beaches. Other parts of our country might still be in not-so-spring condition but for us, it would be sunny!

Spontaneous Road Trip

Take off on an “unplanned” road trip. Make the decision to not decide where you’re going until you get there! Block out a day or two… pack the bare essentials and jump in the car and drive! Come across something that you’ve always wanted to stop at? Go for it! Because you’ve got nowhere else to be! The excitement of not knowing is half the adventure! For those controlling types… trust us… it will be ok… you’ll survive!


Do Something Differently

Break the rut! If you enjoy walking… go on a hike that you’ve never done. Like movies? Drive to a new theater you’ve never been to and have dinner at a new restaurant nearby. Schedule lunch with a friend you haven’t seen in ages. Play golf at a new course. Instead of sitting home playing video games, visit an arcade. Go test drive new cars just for the fun of it!


Having a BBQ party at home would be great! Invite your family and other friends. Let them bring some food and drinks and have games in your backyard! This is a great but simple way to enjoy your spring with the people close to you.

Stay at a Hotel

Well, you don’t have to travel that far. Maybe you just need a different environment or better yet, a different room. Spend a few hours looking at hotels online and pick the one that has the best pool. Or you can jump in a ShuttletoLAX and let us take you to the airport, and you can stay somewhere completely new!