Airport rideshare is where we pick you up at your door in shiny, colorful shuttle vans, whether that be at your home, hotel or office. We then pick up your neighbors on the way to the airport, combining them onto your shuttle, and maybe even another set of your neighbors. This is how we can afford door-to-door service at less than half the cost of a taxi.

We’re going to do it in a way that is safe and sensible. That is, we’re going to put you together with neighbors that are on your way to the airport. If you are furthest from the airport, then we’re going to pick you up first. If the closest, you’ll be the last pickup.

When we give you a pickup time, remember that there may be others in the shuttle van when it drops by to get you. This means that you should be ready to go about fifteen minutes before your pickup time, but we may not be there until about fifteen minutes after. There is a pickup window, therefore, of about a half hour, in which you can anticipate the shuttle van to be out in front. Don’t worry, though, because we will always get you to LAX in plenty of time.

Airport rideshare just makes sense. Why would you take your car to LAX, when you can experience limousine type service to the airport, for less than half the cost of a taxi? We’ll be there on-time, in a shiny shuttle van, and, most importantly, a sharp and personable driver.

And here’s another thing … you’re going to like your neighbors. You certainly can veg out and stay to yourself, and many passengers do on their chauffeured ride to the airport. However, if you want good conversation, you’ve come to the right place. An interesting thing happens on an airport shuttle van—people talk! Maybe it’s the excitement of everything going right, or just the surprise of the kind of folks you meet onboard.

Airport rideshare onboard shiny, colorful shuttle vans just makes sense.

Did you know that 35 million people each year take their cars to LAX? What an incredible waste! They take their cars to LAX and park them. Or, even worse, they have someone drop them off. This results in two trips of a private car, there and back to the airport.

We just think this is a whole lot of carbon footprint foolish behavior. But, we understand it. You can always rely on your car to be there, as expected—either waiting in the LAX parking lot, or coming with your spouse or other family member or friend to pick you up at the airport.

However, what if you could equally rely upon us, to be there on-time, right outside baggage claim at LAX, right when you reserved us to be? And, what’s more, what if our promise included a shiny shuttle van, absent the clutter and mystery glob on the window, that maybe even your car has? What if our shuttle van driver had a welcoming smile, an air of contagious confidence, and was able to circumvent the ubiquitous LA traffic with the best of them? He or she will help you with your luggage, ensure your comfort en route, and drop you right at curb check-in at LAX.

Then, we’ll take you home from LAX at the end of your trip, in the same way. Next stop, your doorstep! And, airport rideshare is just the beginning. With the price starting at only $20, you might like to take us to work every once and a while, when your spouse needs the car, or the car needs servicing. Or, how about out shopping, or just away for the day? Each time you do, whether to the airport or to work, you’re doing the right thing for yourself. Relax, enjoy the free Wi-Fi or read the paper, and we’ll take care of battling the traffic to get you there.

You’re also doing the right thing for the environment, something you maybe didn’t think about. What could be greener than airport rideshare? We all know that the private car is the principal polluter in the Los Angeles area. Each rideshare shuttle van on the road represents all those cars left safely in their garages, out of the way of everybody, and not currently polluting.

Rideshare is a cause you can believe in. It’s a cause everyone can believe in. Nobody, once they’ve thought about it, is going to be against it. So go on, tell your friends! Tell everyone you know. With prices as low as $20, everyone should be on board. In fact, the only way we can continue offering such a fare—the only way we can continue our rideshare pioneering—is for you to tell your friends. Frankly, we can’t make money with just a few passengers. We need to have a lot in order to keep it financially viable for us. In the process of spreading the word, you’ll know that you’re doing a good work. You’re helping alleviate some of LA’s biggest challenges—traffic, air pollution, and relatively minimal public transportation.