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Were at it again, we are giving away more express shuttle rides

Posted on January 16, 2013

For your chance to win a free EXPRESS shuttle ride Like us on Facebook. Coming into the New Year we really want as many people as possible to try our EXPRESS service. So we’re going to be giving away 30 free EXPRESS reservations! For your chance to win like us on Facebook, tell your friends, share our posts, anything you do to tell others about our service will increase the chances of us noticing you! It doesn’t take much and many people have won multiple times already! If you haven’t tried our EXPRESS service now is the time. Our Express Shuttles are ready to get you home fast… EXPRESS shuttles are only allowed to make 1 additional stop and a lot of the time you’ll be the first off! What that means is you get to the airport faster and leave the airport faster without making as many extra stops and pickups. It only costs a little more, but makes all the difference. You can learn more about our EXPRESS shuttles on our EXPRESS Shuttle Description page.