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Things for Students to Do Before the Summer Ends

Posted on September 13, 2018

Things for Students to Do Before the Summer Ends

School is out for summer, Los Angeles is a place where students can discover excitement during their free time.  Los Angeles, California is a place where boredom is not an option. L.A. holds interests for everyone, especially for the college crowd. There are plenty of things to do in L.A. Here is a list of the “Top Ten Things To Do” in the greater Los Angeles area this month.

1. Disneyland and California Adventure Park: Disneyland and California Adventure Park

Disneyland and Disney’s California Adventure offer a true adventure experience. Disneyland provides classic fun, featuring Disney Character Parades, shows, and rides. Some favorites are Indiana Jones, Pirates of the Caribbean and Space Mountain. Right next door you’ll find Disney’s California Adventure, which features more of the wilder rides, such California Screamin’ and The Tower of Terror.

2. Universal Studios Universal Studios

Universal Studios is a cinematic experience which takes guests on a journey through the history of Hollywood film. Universal offers dynamic shows, like theatrical Water World spectacular. Right outside the entrance to Universal Studios is Universal City Walk, a street line on both sides with great bars, restaurants and unique shops.

3. The Getty

Museums are scattered all around the city. The Getty is a favorite. This famous museum includes western art from the middle ages to the present. The Getty is architecturally landscaped with beautiful gardens which give way to picturesque views.

4. The Museum of Contemporary Art The Museum of Contemporary Art

The Museum of Contemporary Art offers a different feel than The Getty. It’s a modern look at today’s artists with a contemporary feel. These museums are great places in the summer months to cool off, relax and enjoy the art work.

5. MLB Baseball Game MLB Baseball Game

Los Angeles has two professional baseball teams; the Angels and Dodgers. Attending a baseball game is a true American experience. The atmosphere is fun and tickets are very affordable. College students will enjoy the concession stands, crowds, and the competition.

6. Hollywood Hiking

The Hollywood sign is an iconic Los Angeles landmark. Los Angeles offers many hiking trails to explore which lead to the celebrated sign and beyond. While hiking high above the city, one can take in views of L.A.’s large sky scrapers, as well as vistas presenting the well known Los Angeles skyline. Horseback riding is another enjoyable option.

7. Hollywood Boulevard

Here you’ll discover the famous Hollywood Walk of Fame. There are many attractions like The Movieland Wax Museum and Grauman’s Chinese Theatre. The Boulevard gets more lively and exciting as the day progresses, because night time is when The Hollywood Strip comes alive. There are bars and clubs in abundance. Hollywood Blvd. is a great place for college students to unwind during the hot summer months.

8. Star Tour

Los Angeles is home to the stars. Taking a tour is the best way to experience how the other half lives. The tours take you up into the Hollywood hills showing you the homes where the stars live while telling tall tales of star sightings. Hollywood Star Tours can be accessed easily all around Los Angeles.

9. Venice Beach

A day at the beach is one of the best things to do this summer. When you think of California you can’t help but think of sand and surf. Working on a tan by the water on a beautiful sunny day is something locals do often. Venice Beach might just be a spin off from any other beach, but this one is far from ordinary. The boardwalk features diversely talented entertainers who can certainly woo a crowd. It’s a great place to eat, relax and be entertained.

10. Bars and Clubs – The Kress

Los Angeles dominates with exciting nightlife. “Schools out for summer,” so let’s get the party started! There are tons of bars and clubs suitable for every appetite throughout Los Angeles. The Kress is just one of them. It is located on Hollywood Blvd. and is the hottest ticket in town this. It is also a favorite among locals and visitors alike. The best part about it is the Rooftop Party, which stays open all summer long. And as you go along with your summer destinations, we would be glad to serve you. But of course, we provide the most exciting promos of the season. Check out our promos here.