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Shuttle2LAXs guide to a great thanksgiving

Posted on November 19, 2014

Thanksgiving is upon us and with that we get the busiest travel time of the year! No matter where you are or where you’re coming from, you want to arrive on time, with no stress and in good spirits.

  • Leave work on a good note. Finish up those emails, schedule a wrap-up meeting, and make sure you leave nothing behind. If you’re thinking about work, you’ll miss out on a well-deserved break form it all.
  • Keep the doctor away! Nothing’s worse then being sick on vacation. Stock up on the vitamin C and B12. If possible, get a flu shot (if you haven’t already). Even if you don’t feel sick, it’s even better to prevent it.
  • Rest up! Yes, your calendar will be full with parties, shopping and plenty on the to-do list, but be sure to get your beauty sleep. It’s vital (especially if you’re changing time zones) to stay fresh, keep in good health and be ready for anything during the Thanksgiving weekend…even Black Friday. Make a list for it all. Before you pack your bag, write down what’s going in it. You’ll think through everything you need, not forgetting your toothbrush or phone charger—the phone charger is a life saver!
  • Don’t come empty handed. As important as it is to get there safely and on time, a good guest always brings a gift or two. Pick up something local or ask what side dish would work well for dinner. If all else fails, who can say no to flowers and a bottle of wine?
  • Plan your pick up and drop off. That’s where we come in. Before the flight, make sure you’ll get to the airport on time. Along with your flight, make your reservation for a Shuttle2LAX, and your delivery is guaranteed. No worries about being late, traffic or parking. We’ll get you there, door-to-door.

Shuttle2LAX is right there with you, to deliver you to your friends and family, to enjoy the holiday. However, getting to and from your destination isn’t all that is needed to have a great Thanksgiving. Follow these 6 tips, and you’ll be well equipped for a great Turkey Day trip:

There you have it. So you’re set to get on your way to welcome a happy and healthy Thanksgiving. We at Shuttle2LAX are thankful for so much, especially you as a customer. We wish you a great Thanksgiving, enjoy the holiday, and thank you!