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Shopping for the Best Travel Deals

Posted on March 8, 2019

Shopping for the Best Travel Deals

Shopping for the best travel deals is really a good thing to do. Whether it’s William Shatner in all his shining glory pushing Priceline or a freaky little lawn gnome selling you on Travelocity, more people are choosing money saving travel sites like these to save a buck or two nowadays. How do these companies work? How do you know if you’re getting a smoking deal? Which one really is the best? These travel sites all have different features that make them unique but have a pretty similar template to get you Travel deals on airlines and hotels. These companies offer “different levels” of prices and it all depends on what hoops you’re willing to jump through to obtain the lowest one.

Airlines and Hotels always have seats and rooms left over, so they sell them to companies like Expedia and Travelocity to gain revenue from bargain hunters and people who don’t quite care where they stay….as long as it’s a good deal. These travel sites then take a portion of the profits when you book online with them.

Priceline has a unique “name your own price” feature. You tell them what you’re willing to pay and Priceline matches you to airlines, hotels, and car rental facilities within your budget. There are a couple of drawbacks….there’s a possibility you can overpay in which case Priceline reaps a greater profit. Plus, you don’t actually know what airline you’ll be flying with or what hotel chain you’ll be staying at until you accept the offer Priceline gives you. You’ll know the rating of the hotel and what area it’s in, but that’s it.

Travelocity has a community toolbar where travelers can obtain driving directions, language translations, currency conversion, flight status and travel support from Travelocity customer service, directly from the toolbar. Travelocity also offers some of the best last minute deals.

The best way to know if you’re getting good travel deals or not is to compare different traveling sites and to do your homework. Planning trips in advance and checking online message boards such as http://biddingfortravel.com where other consumers rate their experiences with these sites can also prove helpful. Or you can go with whatever commercial you like best…no one is more trustworthy then Alec Baldwin in a suit riding around a luggage carousel.

When it comes to getting to or from the airport, Shuttle2LAX is your obvious choice. No bidding, no hidden fees. We keep it plain and simple by offering unbeatable service from your home to the airport or vice versa for $20. Let’s see ya out negotiate that one, William Shatner…