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Say Hello to Shuttle2LAX’s Premium Service

Posted on September 24, 2014

Nowadays there are a lot of options when it comes to getting you to the airport, however none are as tailored to you as our new Premium Service! Meet Shuttle2LAX’s Premium Service. A new service that combines fuel-efficient vehicles, a service that transports only you, makes only the stops you want, and is fast, comfortable and safe! Need more? Here’s how Shuttle2LAX’s Premium Service works: When you book, your reservation is the only one assigned to the driver. Our Premium Service is a ride for only two people. That means, you get a private service for you and just one other person. The only stops you make are yours and you’ll get right to your destination on a direct route. Not only is Shuttle2LAX Premium great airport transportation, it’s eco-friendly. All the cars we use are fuel efficient vehicles, which means less pollution and cleaner air. The best part is the price. You want a service with no surprises or extra fees. The Premium Service is just that, with a flat-rate for you and up to one other passenger. With our Premium Service you can save up to 30% off of standard taxi rates. With our flat rate, you don’t need to worry about a meter ticking in traffic or additional miles due to a detour. After four years of great service Shuttle2LAX is always working to improve efficiency, while still providing a great value and excellent service. The Shuttle2LAX Premium Service is another way we are providing quality transportation, at an incredible price. So the next time you’re heading to or from LAX make sure to book a Premium Service ride. It’s the ride you’ve been waiting for…and now it’s here!