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Planes, Babies and Other Things That Don’t Mix Well

Posted on October 11, 2018

Traveling with babies is usually as bad as it sounds. I remember my pre-child days, boarding a plane and hoping I don’t get stuck next to the screaming newborn or curious 2-year-old who doesn’t respect the armrest border between my seat and his. Then…BAM! There I am two years later, traveling alone from Los Angeles to St. Louis with a 1-year-old. It was trying to say the least. From getting through security to boarding the plane to changing a diaper in a locker-sized bathroom, traveling with kids can be a challenge worthy of its own episode of Survivor. Plus, my little Snuggle Nugget had a meltdown in the middle of the flight and there was nothing I could do but hunker down and bear the looks of people who think my parenting skills could use a Dr. Phil touch up. Since then, my travel experiences have been better since I’ve learned to relax a little and use these tips. If possible, try to book a flight that accommodates your baby’s sleeping schedule. A flight around your babies nap time gives you more of a chance of peace and serenity. Give yourself more than enough time to go through security, feed and change diapers. Rushing a hungry or soiled baby leads to an irritated baby. Bring what you’ll need and then some. Delays happen, spills happen, spit ups happen. Packing a little extra of what you’ll need will relieve a lot of stress if any surprises occur. Don’t be afraid to ask for help if you need anything, it doesn’t make you any less of a parent. A flight attendant can get you water for a bottle or an extra blanket if you need it. Last but most important…stay calm. Tears happen and sometimes there’s nothing you can do to ease your baby. Although I’ve found busting out in MC Hammer usually quiets my child and leaves her in utter bewilderment of what she just heard for hours. While traveling with babies is definitely stress, getting to and from the airport should not be. Shuttle2LAX offers great service at a flat rate of $20.00 which is UNHEARD of nowadays with gas prices being a million dollars an ounce. We’re also going to one-up ourselves and let the kiddos less than two years of age ride for FREE! We’ll pick you up from your home and deliver you and your little bundles of joy, safe and sound and ON TIME for your flight. Let us help you make your life a little easier in the one area we can