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9 New Year Resolutions to Do this 2019

Posted on January 17, 2019

9 Resolutions You Can Fulfill This January 2019

The year 2019 has already started; in fact, we’re halfway through the first month! How’s your New Year Resolutions going? In case you don’t have one yet, here are nine ideas you could get behind when you start your year. Ready to find out what they are? Read on!

9 New Year Resolutions to Try this year, starting with January 2019

1. Leave the Country.

It’s not with the age. It’s with the passion. This 2019, as your part of your New Year Resolutions, why don’t you try to leave the country and explore an all-new site to behold? Not only will it enrich your life as you learn the culture of others, you’ll also realize there is more to the world as you know it. Dare take this all-new experience? Shuttle to LAX can take you to the airport, your portal to explore the world.

2. Indulge in Self-care. 

Sometimes, a ‘ME First’ attitude; not to be selfish, but to take care of yourself! How will you do that, you ask? Choose to spend your weekend at the spa. You could also head over to the nearest salon for that much-needed self-pampering time. Don’t let driving cut your relaxed time, after your salon date, book a ride with Shuttle to LAX so you can continue in leisure towards your home.

3. Visit a New Place You Haven’t Been Before.

It doesn’t have to be cross-country. It could simple mean from one end of SoCal to the other end. Sometimes it just means trying out that restaurant you’ve been meaning to try but for some reason, you did not get the chance yet until that moment. Don’t think twice. Book a ride with Shuttle to LAX to get an unforgettable experience to mark the New Year!

4. Get a Pet.

What’s one good thing as the year adds one more year? Simply add one more loved one! If you want to have an instant bundle of joy, or having baby isn’t in any of your immediate plans, having a fur baby you can love can be the best thing. A word of advice, though. Make sure you can handle the responsibilities of owning one. Make sure you can handle the responsibilities of owning one. Aside from feeding it, you need to have it groomed, too! Don’t have any idea for pet care? Head to the nearest veterinary and grooming center designed for your furry friend. Just book a ride then off you go!

5. Find Your Glam Alter Ego.

New Year, new life, new clothes? There’s really no problem in indulging in buying pieces of clothing, shoes, bags and accessories for yourself. It’s the New Year! However, before you buy one, ask yourself, “do I need this?” Make sure you organize your stuff; donate clothes that you don’t wear that much anymore. That way, you’ll have space for the new clothes you’re going to buy! Before you start sorting your clothes, why don’t you book a ride with Shuttle to LAX? May it be out for shopping or donating your pre-loved items to the less fortunate, make sure to make everything count. You never know when a surprise will catch your attention.

6. Attend New Classes.

Don’t just stay in your comfort zone. Dare to discover knowledge and skills you did not have before. Join seminars, attend conferences, even start a discussion! No matter where the intellectual discourse take you, don’t forget that Shuttle to LAX is here to support you!

7. Eat Less Meat (Search alternative restaurants). 

Have you enjoyed feasting during the Holidays? We sure did! Now as we slave away burning those fats, why don’t we find healthier options for the food we eat? Try to scour vegan eats this side of Los Angeles and even nearby places. You never know what other meat alternatives you would enjoy. Shuttle to LAX would assist you in to arrive safely in your specified areas!

8. Find a New Job.

Time to level up in your career! Ace those job interviews, and get the dream job you have always wanted. Who’s your partner in job search, making sure you get to your chosen end? No other than Shuttle to LAX, of course!

9. Gain New Friends. 

If all else New Year Resolutions fail, put up a smile in your face, head over to the nearest bar or to your friend’s party tonight. You may have failed other resolutions this January, but if there’s one thing, you could do without the fear, is when you make new friends. Don on your best clothes and let’s go socialize! Don’t forget to arrange for a Shuttle to LAX ride to get you there!