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Cool Date Night Ideas in Woodland Hills California

Posted on January 30, 2019

Cool Date Night Ideas When You Live in Woodland Hills California

As we welcome February, have you thought of how would you celebrate Valentines’ Day with your loved one? Before you book a restaurant, why don’t you try exploring other activities? So sit down, relax, and get ready to discover what cool date night ideas you can choose from if you live in this charming suburban village called Woodland Hills.

Venue in Focus: Woodland Hills, California

Did you know that this California hub got its name from a “visionary scoundrel” named Victor Girard? In 1924, Girard, a real-estate developer, decided to create a suburban neighborhood away from the usual Angeleno cities. His idea was, to build a “successful town” and named it after himself. He went on to build Persian-inspired houses and storefronts and plant throngs of trees. However, not all dreams turn to reality as what the place used to be known as Girard changed its name to Woodland Hills, in honor of the plenty of trees in the place. If you’re living in a place surrounded by trees, how would you like to spend your Valentines’ Day?  No need to feel anxious, Shuttle to LAX suggests you try the following cool date night ideas right in the heart of Woodland Hills!

1. Woodland Public Library and Rose Garden

Do you want to channel literary classic characters this Valentines’ Day? Schedule a visit to Woodland Public Library together! Not only will you discover titles from your beloved authors, you’ll also get a chance to experience the old-school romantic vibes only strolling in a rose garden could bring! Schedule a ride with ShuttletoLAX to maximize your time smelling the scent of books and roses!

2. Cookie Connection

Sometimes, a cool date night idea is just when you eat together. Just imagine, how much more fun it would be, if you cater to your sweet tooth, as you spend quality time with your partner? The Cookie Connection answers your question! Inside the shop, you’ll get the chance to design your own cookie. However, you must come early. As it’s a popular spot even if it isn’t Valentines’ Day, the cookies get sold-out right away. Do you want to taste freshly baked goodies from the Cookies Connection? Here’s a tip: arrange for a Shuttle to LA driver the night before so you could become among the first few (if not the first!) to get your cookies.

3. Velocity Island Park

Are you up for a wet adventure? Strap in your life vest and dive into the fun experiences at Velocity Island Park! You could try their giant slides, lounge beside the water, or even try wakeboarding! With this cool date night idea, not only will you get to enjoy each other’s presence, you’ll have moments to share with one another!

4. Woodland Opera House Theatre

If you and your partner are self-confessed culture vultures, try attending events at the Woodland Opera House Theatre. Get lost in the story of the play you’re watching, and as a way to enrich the experience, try discussing what you’ve watched afterwards. You’ll discover you did not just watched; you lived it. Do you want your night at the opera to start hassle-free? Book a Shuttle to LAX ride here.

5. GlowZone – Woodland Hills

If you want to throwback to your childhood fun, then you must try the activities inside GlowZone. You can choose to play laser tag, mini golf, elevated ropes course, and even bumper cars! What makes it unique to the so-called “cool date night ideas”? You could play with co-patrons: actual kids. Enjoy the rest of your stay when you try all the activities involved. Just don’t forget to book your Shuttle to LAX ride to take you back to your house or your hotel.

Now you have five more options on how to spend your Valentines’ Day this year. Don’t worry, if you enjoyed one, or you and your partner want to try them, even after the occasion, then don’t forget that Shuttle to LAX awaits your call. Book now!