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How to Book Your Airport Shuttle

Posted on January 20, 2018

Book your Airport Shuttle

Shuttle to LAX is here to pick you up for your airport shuttle ride. We can pick you up going and from the airport. You may be at home or in a friend’s place, wherever you are as long as you are within our service area we will pick you up any time of the day.

Along the way we can pick up some friends or neighbors for rideshare. In this matter, you can definitely have almost half the price you are paying for a cab or a private service. We have the $20 fare rate within the LAX service area for rideshare.

We’re going to do it in a way that is safe and sensible. We are going to pick you all up just in time for your flight. If you are furthest from the airport, then we’re going to pick you up first. If the closest, you’ll be the last pickup.

On the other hand, you may also take advantage of our rideshare. You may not save half or more than half as compared to a taxi ride but still, you will get as much as 30% of savings.

30% is 30% and you still have the best price that you can get when booking a ride with us. Unlike the rideshare, private car service is faster and direct. No stops and sharing rides with others. It really depends on your preference.

Each has its own advantage. With the help of our professional drivers, we are more than just a ride. We will be your friendly guide to your destination. It takes 4 steps only to book a ride with us.

express shuttle airport shuttle

Here are the 4 Easy Steps How to Book a Ride with Us:

1. Provide Details

Put your details where to pick you up and drop you off. Book your ride via www.shuttle2lax.com

2. Select Service

You can choose from either rideshare or private car service.

3. Pay Online

You can put your credit card details online when booking and save yourself the hassle of paying cash.

4. Wait for Ride

Sit back and relax and wait for your driver.

Rideshare is a cause you can believe in. Go ahead and share the good news with everyone! For as low as $20 you will be dropped of to your desired destination or you may get a private car for a faster and direct transportation. Book your ride now!