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Why Parking at the Airport is Unadvisable

Posted on December 13, 2018

Many people are fond of the idea of parking at the airport. They believe that driving themselves to the airport and parking their car in one of the many remote lots is the best way to get to the airport.

This could not be further from the truth. Airport lost are rarely cheaper than taking a PRIME TIME Shuttle, especially if you are parking for more than one day. A couple of days at an airport parking lot can at times cost you the same as or more than your airline ticket. In addition to the cost of the airport parking lot itself, you still have to pay for the gas to drive your car, and possibly to fill your tank after it has been siphoned from your tank while parked at the lot.

Airport parking lots are not safe as you might think. Reports of damaged locks, missing items, broken windows and slashed tires are made all too often at parking lots. One incident, a man stole shuttle bus near LAX, crashes into parked cars and there are a lot worse.   Although reports of stolen cars are not that high at the local lots, reports of vandalism, theft, and car damage are too high to risk it. A much better idea is to leave your car safe at home and take a PRIME TIME Shuttle.


Even if your car isn’t damaged while at the parking lot, you have to deal with the other problems that come with airport parking. It can be difficult to find a spot and can take up much of your time. When you are in a hurry to catch your flight, the last thing you want to worry about is finding a place to park in an overcrowded lot. You can end up waiting anywhere from twenty minutes to over an hour for the lot’s shuttle to pick you up. Why not book a ride with PRIME TIME Shuttle and get picked up and dropped off at your terminal.

If you do park your car at one of the overpriced and under-protected parking lots, you will have to either pay to have your car cleaned or waste more of your time cleaning it yourself. Airport parking lots can be dirty places and cars parked at them tend to attract dust, dirt and that weird gunk that is so difficult to get off, what is that stuff anyway? Why not simply leave your car in your clean protected garage and allow PRIME TIME Shuttle take you to and from the airport!