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Beat rising gas prices by taking a Shuttle to LAX

Posted on May 12, 2011

With gas prices on the rise, Shuttle2LAX offers an alternative to more expensive methods of getting to LAX from metropolitan Los Angeles communities. The company charges customers a flat rate while other companies as well as airlines, are adding gas fees on top of already escalated rates.

With the largest service area of any LAX Airport Shuttle, Shuttle2LAX offers a cheaper alternative for getting a ride to the airport from many Los Angeles area communities. The company provides a flat rate throughout its entire service area to help customers combat rising gas prices. As gas prices increase, airlines and many companies are adding gas fees, and the city of Los Angeles is even raising taxi passenger surcharges on top of the already high costs of getting to the airport.

The company has been in business since January 2011, and has sold over 25,000 seats. The volume of passengers enables Shuttle2LAX to keep its airport shuttle prices low, and while gas prices increase, the company’s service gains more value as an efficient means of transportation. Excellent customer service is guaranteed as well. The company operates with only fully licensed and insured shuttle van companies with over 20 years of experience.

Paul Smith, Manager at Shuttle2LAX, said, “Travel is becoming increasingly expensive as gas prices go up. We are doing our part to off-set these costs by offering a low price alternative to other means of transportation that are exorbitantly expensive. While gas prices rise across the board, our service is becoming much more valuable to travelers.”

For anyone traveling to the airport, or taking the shuttle from LAX, the company also has a full service website where customers are able to book trips directly online. Riders can book pickups from home, the office, or their hotel to LAX or back from the airport. It’s more convenient and cheaper than cab service or driving your own vehicle; especially given the increased traffic congestion in Los Angeles and around LAX.

The shuttle to LAX service covers a large area, and plans for expansion are underway. Finding a shuttle at the airport is simple, and the process is explained in detailed confirmation emails. While there are multiple pickups for each trip, customers avoid high gas prices that would make the alternatives more expensive. For more information, visit http://shuttletolax.com to learn more or book a pickup for a shuttle to LAX or your return trip home.

About Shuttle2LAX

Shuttle2LAX operates a transportation service to and from LAX, with a service area covering much of the Los Angeles metropolitan area. Each shuttle trip consists of multiple pickups, so passengers get to share rides that are both affordable and better for the environment. The company began business in January 2011, but deals with notable airport shuttle companies with 20 years of experience.